Frankenstein: Post III of III

Visualizing the Variations: Digital Versions of the Letters of Frankenstein (1818 Version)

Digital Frankenstein  via the Affiliate Network. 2017.

Digital Frankenstein via the Affiliate Network. 2017.

Below is a data visualization of the text pulled from five different digital versions of the 1818 Frankenstein text. The data covers the text from the letters of Frankenstein and was accumulated into separate plain text files for upload.

The visualization shows us the similarities and variances between each digital version and we are then able to interpret how that specific version may impact our reading of the text.


The following links lead to Juxta, a side-by-side juxtaposition tool to compare texts and look at variations. Each link is a comparison of the base text of the letters in Frankenstein and a corresponding text of the same content. The base text I am using is Project Gutenberg’s digital version of Frankenstein.

Project Gutenberg & Internet Archive Org

Project Gutenberg & Romantic Circles

Project Gutenberg & Page by Page Books

Project Gutenberg & The Literature Network

Project Gutenberg & The Literature Page