Calyn Waddington

University of South Florida

English Department



2019 - USF MA English Literature

2016 - UCF BA English Literature


2018-2019 GA Women’s Suffrage Postcard Project

A Feminist Digital Humanities Project looking at Women’s Suffrage Postcard, archiving them, and tagging them to better analyze their subject.

2018 English Graduate Student Association (EGSA) Conference

2018 Blank Pages: Creative Writing Symposium


TBD - “Apples to Apples: Talking Back to White Heteronormative Patriarchy.” Hooked on the Art of Love: bell hooks - My Creative Call for Soul Work. Nova Publishers, TBD.

A poem using critical theory from bell hooks that looks at heteronormative patriarchal standards and how they perform upon relationships, primarily looking at heterosexual marriages (reflective).


2017 - English Composition I

Taught two sections of English Composition I and facilitated written work working aspects of argumentative writing and literary review.

2018 - English Composition II

Taught four sections of English Composition II and facilitated written work covering aspects of argumentative writing and visual rhetoric.


2018-2019 - English Graduate Student Association (EGSA) Conference Committee

2018-2019 - English Mentorship Program